Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android

Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android

If you are trading in bitcoin then you obviously need the bitcoin wallet to store them. There is a bitcoin wallet which is safe to store but the users of Android might have the question – which is the Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android?

Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android

You can easily use the bitcoin wallet on the personal computers or in iOS but there are very few people who use the bitcoin wallet on the android. So what are the wallets which can be used by the android users to store the bitcoin? We are going to discuss the different wallets which can be used by the Android users:

Samourai Wallet

If you are looking for a wallet which is focused on the privacy of the user then you should go for this application. Samourai wallet is very easy to run for the users and still provides powerful privacy features to its users.

If you are new to the bitcoin world then it can be the best choice for the users.


If you want to trade in bitcoin then there is a need for the basic knowledge about it. But this is the application which has the most user-friendly interface. This application can be used by anyone, even by the person who is new to the cryptocurrency world.


If you are an advance bitcoin user then you will be looking for a wallet that has various features. Mycelium can be the wallet for the user like you.

Many hardware bitcoin wallets are supported by this wallet. You can have the extra privacy by connecting it to the Tor if you want to. So by using this wallet, you can be assured regarding the security of the bitcoin you have stored.


If you are a regular bitcoin trader then you might be looking for a wallet that can make the frequent payments. Airbitz can be used for this kind of purposes as the service provided by them is very quick. There is a number of wallets which make the number of plugins which makes the transactions of the bitcoin much easier than other wallets.

  • Fold Integration: The integration of these two applications can help you to buy the Starbucks and Tarter gift cards within the application.
  • Bitrefill Integration: By using this you can easily top up your mobile phone from the wallet.


Greenbits can be considered as the native Android version of the Green Address. It is one of the secured wallets which has the facility of multi-signature and which can be used with the hardware wallets (TREZOR and Ledger) as well.

For the security o the currency stored in the wallet it has the 2 of 2 multi-signature. In this one key is kept by you and the other one is public which is attached to every transaction.


So these are the Best Bitcoin Wallet For Android which can be used by you if you are an android user and want to invest in bitcoin.

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