Best Way To Buy Bitcoin

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Best Way To Buy Bitcoin – is something you should know if you are interested in buying it. Buying the bitcoin can be confusing and difficult as there are various factors which can affect the value. Some of the common factors which can change the fee structure of exchange when you are buying the bitcoin are:

  • Mode of payment
  • Country you are living in.
  • Kind of buyer

In this article, we are going to discuss the cheapest and easiest ways from where you can buy the bitcoin. But before that, we should know about the different kinds of buyers.

  • Anonymous – if the user does not want to disclose his or her identity and want to invest in something. This can also be the reason for the person to invest. As you can invest easily by staying anonymous.
  • Community – there are some of the buyers who have no personal interest in having a bitcoin. All they want to do is to be a part of the cryptocurrency community. This might be online or in-person.
  • Easy to use – Ease of buying is one of the important things for the beginner. So it is necessary for the person to find a platform which is easy to use.
  • Security – Who doesn’t want to make a safe purchase? There are some ways which can be used to make a safe purchase.

Best Way To Buy Bitcoin

There are different ways which can be used to buy the bitcoin. Some are the safe way, some are cheap, or can be both. Those different ways are discussed below:


There is a number of cryptocurrency exchanges that are available in the market which can be used to buy the bitcoin. Some of the exchanges are:

  • Binance – is a China-based company which is providing its services all around the world except China. It is among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with more than 140 altcoins available to trade.
  • KuCoin – is another cryptocurrency exchange which is getting popular day by day. It is also considered to be one of the safest platforms to buy the bitcoin. it also provides a fully functional mobile application for Android and iOS users.

There are other exchanges also which are gaining popularity. These can also be used to buy the bitcoin, like:

  • Coinbase
  • Coinmama
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex and many more.

Peer to peer

This is not the end of options for buying the bitcoin. You can also buy it by using platforms which help you buy it using the peer to peer method.

Using this method you can buy the bitcoin by coming in direct contact with the seller. This type of method can save your lot of time and excessive transaction charges.

The only problem associated with this method is- it is not safe. This is because you do not know the person you are talking to. It is always better to meet these people in the public place.

The most common and popular platform which provide this kind of service with background checks is LocalBitcoins.


You might have considered this idea earlier also. The best and safe way to buy the bitcoin is to buy it from the known person who wants to sell it. This can save you a lot of time and transaction charges as you have to pay on other platforms.


These are some of the Best Way To Buy Bitcoin. if you are looking to buy it then you must know about it properly as it is the most volatile currency to invest in.

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