Biggest Cryptocurrency By Market Cap

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Biggest Cryptocurrency By Market Cap

Cryptocurrency is the word that is on everyone mouth. Since the release of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2009. There are over 2000 cryptocurrencies available in the market but we are going to discuss the Biggest Cryptocurrency By Market Cap in this article.

Biggest Cryptocurrency By Market Cap

Some of the cryptocurrencies that are top in the market are:


Bitcoin is the giant in the cryptocurrency world. It is the original cryptocurrency that was released in 2009. There are limited numbers of bitcoins that will be released and that limit is 21 million. At present, there are above 17 million bitcoin in the market.

Even after the fall in the price of the bitcoin, it is the poster boy for the cryptocurrency.  At present, it has more than $200 billion in markets.

Bitcoin Cash

This is the offshoot of Bitcoin which was launched in 2017. Within this short period of time it has already become one of the most traded cryptocurrency. The presence of the bitcoin cash in the market is the same as bitcoin. And want to know about the investment procedure for Bitcoin Cash.

The key difference between the Bitcoin and bitcoin cash is the size of the block. The size of the bitcoin block is 1 MB whereas bitcoin cash block of 8 MB. This means it is faster than bitcoin but more memory consuming.


Litecoin is cryptocurrency which was originated from the bitcoin open source code. It is much faster than the Bitcoin in the transaction speed and has a higher limit of 84 million.

However, the market cap of the Litecoin is much less in comparison of the Bitcoin.


Ethereum is the decentralized cryptocurrency that runs on the smart contracts. This application runs on the custom-built blockchain. it is developed by the Ethereum Foundation with the help of the great mind across the world.

It was developed to get rid of the need for third-party companies such as Apple in the creation of applications.


BAT is a cryptocurrency that works on the similar principle of Ethereum but is applied to the digital advertising.

It is designed to value and price user attention within the platform. It comprises various components, including analytics dashboards, measurement system, and machine learning algorithms.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a centralized transaction network which can be used by the banks for money transfers swiftly. XRP is bought by using the Ripple network and then get converted into fiat currency when you want to withdraw. It is faster, reliable and less volatile than any other cryptocurrency.

Stellar (XML)

Stellar is another cryptocurrency that is very popular in the market. It was launched by none other than the co-founder of Ripple. It has a much faster and efficient network for money transfer.


Neo is the first open-source public blockchain in China, launched in 2014. It is designed for the development of the smart contracts and assets on its platform.

The main aim of the Neo is to provide the choice for the new smart economy.

Final Words

These are some of the Biggest Cryptocurrency By Market Cap. If you are interested to invest in them you should keep in mind that all of these currencies are highly volatile means their price can go up or down very quickly. So you should study the currency and then invest in it.

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