Binance Account Verification

Binance is one of the secure cryptocurrency exchanges which are why Binance Account Verification is important for the account. Security is important in any of the digital trade you are doing. So verification of an account is very important for security purposes.

Binance Exchange

Binance is the platform which is providing the facilities of exchanging the digital currency. It is one of the basic platforms which can be used for the trading of the major cryptocurrency like bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other major currencies. The company has gained a lot of popularity because of the low trading fee charged by them.

Binance Account Verification

To maintain the trust of the customer security of their account and money in it is very important. So when you sign up your account with the binance there is need to verify your account. This is done for security reasons. In this article, you will be getting the answer to the question like how it is done, the time is taken, and its importance.

Procedure For Binance Account Verification

Once you are in the procedure means you have a sign up the Binance exchange. You will be getting the two verification levels.

In the first one, there is no need for you to verify your ID but there will be a limit to that. You will be able to withdraw only 2 BTC per day which is very less if you want to trade on a high level. For more, you have to go through the level 2 verification process.

On this level, you have to go through the process of submitting the ID with the picture of you. In this, you should be holding the ID which is legible. And there should be date entered at the bottom of the picture so that you had the ID with you at the time of submission.

Once you have submitted the picture you will be getting the verification details on your registered email.  There is also a two-factor authentication is provided by the binance which will help you to boost the security. In this, you will be getting the information about any activity of your account on the mobile phone via SMS.

Time Taken

Verifying your ID is very important and may take time. This is because they will be verifying from the officials. This done to make sure that the person who is joining or signing up the account is not a con artist who can steal the money.

It depends on the traffic that is available on the website. If there is less traffic then your verification process might get quickly. But it usually takes a couple of days or maybe even a week. During that time you can trade 2 BTC per day.


While getting your account there are some of the issues that you might have to face. We are going to discuss them and will advise you some precautions to avoid those problems.

  • Picture not getting accepted

There could be any reason for that – Picture is not in JPEG format, Picture is not visible, and Document is not legible.

To avoid these problems you should keep these things in mind:

  • The picture should be colored with high resolution.
  • The ID must be legible.
  • Only one person per picture.


These are the basics of the Binance Account Verification. We hope that from the help of this article you will be able to avoid the unnecessary problems.

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