Binance Vs. Kucoin Review

Binance Vs. Kucoin Review

At present there are multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and deciding which one to use is a difficult choice. Today we are going to do a Binance Vs. Kucoin Review. In this, we are going to discuss the various facilities provided by them and which one is better.

Binance Vs. Kucoin Review

Both the currency exchanges are a very popular one and it is very difficult to decide which one to use. So here are some of the points which can make you decide which one is better for you:


Binance charges fees 0.1% for each trade which can be considered low as other can charge up to 0.18% per transaction. Binance does not charge any fee for the deposit but on withdrawal, it does and can vary also based on the asset.

Kucoin charges the same amount of fees that is 0.1% for each transaction performed on the exchange. However, you can get the half of the transaction fee back if you have Kucoin token.


Both the digital currency exchanges use the two-factor authentication which is quite common in other exchanges also.

Binance and Kucoin both the exchanges are free from the hack till now which is a good sign. But Binance has faced some issues which is the reason for concern. The number of the phishing sites emerges when you try to find it. This is not the fault of Binance but you should consider this point before deciding the cryptocurrency exchange.

Customer Service Quality

Customer service provided by these exchanges is quite different. Binance provides you the better customer service than most of the exchanges. It uses the ticketing system which is a good way to ensure that your problem is handled by the team of experts.

Whereas Kucoin provides the facility of customer service in the form of the chat box. This service is available to the customer 24/7. Additionally, they provide you with very fast customer services on the issues.


Safety is one of the most important issues in the field of digital currency exchange. Binance may be one of the largest exchanges in the world with the good quality of the security system. But there are several unknowns which can give you the pause. However, it has a group of loyal supporters who believe in the safety system provided by the Binance.

Kucoin might be new to the cryptocurrency exchange industry but it has gained the reputation all around the world. It is considered to be the safe digital currency exchange till now and there are no hiccups in the safety.

Coins Listed

Both the exchanges have a large variety of cryptocurrencies.  But Binance provides slightly more coins in comparison to the coins provided by the Kucoin.


Ease of doing work plays a vital role in increasing users. Both the exchanges are considered to be user-friendly. But the speed provided by the Binance makes the experience of the user to be a good one in comparison to the Kucoin.


From the above Binance Vs. Kucoin Review we are not trying to malign any exchange but to provide you the information. So that you can decide which cryptocurrency exchange is better for you.

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