Bitcoin ATM Near Me

With the rising use of the bitcoin, you might want to know the Bitcoin ATM Near Me. If you have a bitcoin and to use it then cashing out or buying it from the ATM is one of the easiest ways to do it. In this article, we are going to discuss the various things regarding the use of bitcoinand ATM.


Bitcoin is the first bitcoin cryptocurrency which was designed to replace the fiat currency as the mode of payment as the only option. It came into the market in 2009 and since then it has gained popularity all around the world.

Bitcoin ATM Near Me

There are ATMs which are providing this facility which is established by the exchanges. Here you can buy or sell the bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as you wish.

Cashing Out

Most of the major companies have started accepting the bitcoin as the mode of payment but there are some which do not. This has made the buyers to find the option to cash out the bitcoin and then use that cash.

Cashing out the bitcoin for this use can be one of the best options if you know the nearest one which can be used. Finding it might be tough but it can be a very good option if you know the place. It is like any other fiat currency ATM where you can withdraw or buy it as much you like.

Buying Bitcoin Using ATM

There are different methods which can be used by the person to buy the bitcoin. But using the ATM can be one of the convenient methods to do it. You can buy it using the fiat currencies like GBP, EUR or USD (these are the currencies which it accepts).

It will be asking for the bitcoin address to which you want to transfer the BTC in exchange for the fiat currency you have deposited.

In case if you do not have the address then you can press on the option of “don’t have an address” and this will give you the option for the paper wallet to buy the bitcoin.

Finding Nearest Bitcoin ATM

You can find various tools which can be used to find the Bitcoin ATM near you. Here are some of the reliable methods which can be used anytime.

Coin ATM radar

It is one of the options which can be used by you to find the nearest bitcoin ATM near you. This tool helps you to keep track of the various bitcoin ATM which are there for your use.

The benefit of using this application is it can be used by any traveler who is using any android and iOS application. There are some benefits which you will get when you are using it like:

  • Find the Bitcoin ATM.
  • Help you choose the nearest ATM.
  • Give all the details about the ATM machine.
  • Directions will also be provided.

·         Bitcoin ATM World Map

Here you can visit the main website where you will find the location of the ATMs that are available all around the world. You have to follow these simple Steps:

  • You have to add your location and click enter to search the ATMs.
  • Choose the ATM of your choosing and check the details about it.
  • Click on the ‘get direction’ and reach the location.

·         Bitcoin ATM By Country

You can choose or find the bitcoin ATM country-wise as well. All you have to do is select the country you are in and pick the nearest location to buy the bitcoins.

·         Bitcoin ATM by address

There is also a facility for finding the bitcoin ATM even to your home. All you have to do is submit your correct address and the nearest ATM will be shown on the map and you can reach there. You can buy the bitcoin as much you desire.

Find Bitcoin ATM

You can use another application also to find the bitcoin ATM near you and that is Find Bitcoin ATM. But the problem is this application works only in Australia. Currently, it is considered to be Australia’s most up to date and comprehensive locator. And if you find the new one then you can easily submit that location and add reviews to that.


So these are the basic way to find the Bitcoin ATM Near Me and the things which can be used for. We hope that you have found a way to find the nearest ATM using this article. So that you can easily cash out the Bitcoin.

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