Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer

Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer

Thing is you need to learn when you enter the bitcoin cash world is about the Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer. In this article we are going to discuss it and how it is helpful for the users like you.

But before we start you should learn about the Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is the spin off of Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency which is used with very low transaction fees and payment is validated even without confirmation. It has a bigger block size. This has made the bitcoin cash one of the ideal cryptocurrency to be used for the transactions.  The reason it split from the bitcoin is the hard fork which took effect in 2017.

Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer

You may be wondering what is Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer and how it is used. Well, it is an explorer to analyze and explore the blockchain of the BTC and BCH. You can use it to track the block transaction history, seeing recent blocks, address or balance and many more. You can consider the block explorer as the search engine which is designed especially to track down the BTC and BCH. So here is the way to use the block explorer.

Using the block explorer

If you are not familiar and using the explorer for the first time then you might end up on the wrong page. For this, we are going to give the tutorial so that you do not end up on the unfamiliar page.

You will see the home page similar to the above description. And will also be able to search by transactions, address, or even block hashes.

You will be able to do the following things starting from the top left of the screen:

  • From this you can switch the blockchain from the bitcoin to bitcoin cash and vice-a-versa. You can do this anytime throughout the site.
  • On the top right there is an option for you to scan the QR codes, a link to view all blocks, and settings menu. In the setting menu, you have the option to change the currency display, setting the languages, switch catch address.
  • In the middle of the screen, there is a search box which can be used by just copying and pasting the Bitcoin Cash transaction or address to begin the search.
  • At the bottom, you will be able to see and inspect all and recent blocks and their transaction. You can also see the detailed information of links and details.

There are other two essential sections which you are going to explore when you click on the view details. You can see the following things:

  • In the left section, you will be watching the important information such as what block contains this transaction, when the transaction was made, what was the transaction fees,number of confirmation it has, and transaction size.
  • In the right section, you willbe seeing the number of inputs and outputs for the transaction along with thevalue of the currency.


This is  the detailed article of the Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer. We hope that this article has removed any doubts regardingthe block explorer.

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