Bittrex Account Disabled

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Getting Bittrex Account Disabled is the problem that nobody wants to face. But if you are facing it then you must know the reason and what can be and cannot be done right now. In this article, we are going to discuss the Bittrex accounts getting disabled.

Bittrex Exchange

Everyone who is in the cryptocurrency world knows about the Bittrex exchange and the services it provides. Since the inception of the exchange, it is gaining popularity and there is no looking back. You can estimate the popularity level by the example of 2017 where they have to stop the registration for the new users because of the traffic they are bringing in.

If you are looking to start the trading in the cryptocurrency world then it is the most reliable exchange to start with. But sometimes there are problems that you can face even you are using one of the best exchanges. That is getting your Bittrex account disabled.

Bittrex Account Disabled

There can be multiple reasons for getting your account disabled. Some of them are discussed below:


Security is one the many reasons why Bittrex is famous. Identifications are used for the verification of the users. If you are using the IDs that are used earlier for the verification process then there is a chance that your account will get disabled. So avoid using the same IDs again and again.


Though you are using the account where security of the account is important. If you are not alert from your side then your account can easily get hacked. When this happens the hacker can take away all the money and can disable your account. So you should not share the information regarding the Bittrex account with anyone.

You should also activate the two-factor authentication code to get your account more secure. In this, you will be getting the information directly on your phone.

Terms and condition

There are some terms and conditions which are required to be followed. If you are not following those conditions then this could be the reason for getting your account disabled.


There were coins which are wasted and are still in your account. This can be another reason for getting your account disabled. But you should not worry about it as you can expect your account getting started again after some time.

Irregular trading

This is one of the common reasons for getting your account disabled. If you are not doing the trading on a regular basis or the wrong way then your account can get disabled. So you should follow the proper channels for trading and keep your account active.

How to qualify for getting your disabled account to auto enable?

  • You must have the basic account or enhanced verified.
  • Your account must be having the balance below 0.5 BTC
  • Bittrex account must be disabled by you from your linked account


So these are the common reasons for getting your Bittrex Account Disabled. If you do not want to get your account disabled then you should avoid all the above-mentioned points. As any of the mentioned reason could cause you get your account disabled.

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