Bittrex Account Verification

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Getting the Bittrex Account Verification is one of the most important processes to make your account work. In this article, we are going to discuss how to get your account quickly without any problems to face.

Bittrex is the exchange which is gaining popularity continuously because of the user-friendly interface. If you are a new user and want to start the trade on Bittrex then getting your account verified is necessary.

Need For Bittrex Account Verification

You might be thinking that why there is a need for getting your account verified. You have three transactions provided by the Bittrex on daily bases with two-factor authentication. Well, imagine what will happen if you want to do more and you do not have any transactions left.

For example, you found that Bittrex is charging a much higher rate than the other websites. But you have bought the bitcoins several times and now want to sell them but you do not have the transactions to go through the process. This can cause a lot of harm.

So to avoid these kinds of situations it is very necessary to have your account verified.

Bittrex Account Verification


To get through the process you must activate your two-factor authentication. This is also good for the security of your account. The reason for the two-factor authentication being good is; it can protect your account from getting hacked or used by another person. So here are the steps which are required to the Bittrex Account Verification.

It is best to start the verification process at 4 or 5 in the morning and the verification process can be over within an hour.


You will need the “Passport” and other IDs as well to verify the process. In the passport, you have to submit the image of you with the passport and date at the bottom of it. This helps to prove that the passport was with you and not stolen at the time of uploading the image.

The purpose of this is to comply with the Anti Money Laundering and know your customer program.


For the verification, all you have to do is click on the “Settings” in the account. You will also need your phone for the verification process as well.

Click on the Enhanced verification and get the Google Authenticator. Once you have submitted your IDs and done the verification process. A secret key will generate. You should not share that key with anyone and must have a back up for it. If you lose that key then there is no way for you to recover it.

By doing these simple steps you can get your account verified. You can also use other techniques to secure your account like getting your IP whitelist.


There are various issues also which can be faced by you while doing the verification process. you should be aware of them and should know how to tackle them. If you do not know then there is a chance that might end up stuck in the process and will not be able to use the Bittrex for trading. Some of the issues are discussed below:

Unreadable IDs

The ID you are using for the verification should be readable. If this is not the case then the verification may get stopped. There some of the IDs which are issued by the government but are not readable. You should not use them.

The main issue while verifying these IDs come in the picture on them. If the picture is not clear and you are using it for the verification then high chance you not able to get through the process.

Proper Document Type/photo

When you upload the picture of your document then you should make sure that the picture is clear. If this is not the case then the application will not be able to verify the documents and will defiantly be going to reject them.

Multiple Support Tickets

People often tend to open multiple support tickets using the same ID. This can create an issue and will make the process to go slow.

These are some of the common issues that you will face but this is not it. You can face other problems like:

  • Selfie issue
  • Non-Latin character

So try to avoid these problems so that the whole process can go smoothly.


This is the simple explanation of why and how to get your Bittrex Account Verification. We hope that you found this article helpful. And now can easily get your account verified without any hindrances.

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