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Different ways to Buy Bitcoin Via Gift card

Buy Bitcoin with the gift card is not a big deal anymore. Most of the big brands and shopping centers offer gift cards in buying Bitcoin. In this article, we will tell you about step by step method to successfully exchange your gift card balance for Bitcoins.

Paxful as one of the finest way to buy Bitcoin with your gift card:

  • First, we need to signup to start the procedure to buy Bitcoin
  • You must have your gift card and purchase receipt since sellers ask you for a picture.
  • Use the search engine and buy Bitcoin option
  • Then you will find the last search box and then select a gift card that interests you.
  • Click on the search button, and you will find a list with all the sellers who are ready to accept your gift card in exchange for your gift card.
  • It’s essential for you to select the exchange rate of sellers and their reputation before purchasing.
  • After choosing the right seller, the transaction will take maximum of two to three minutes

Gift Card Which Helps You To Buy Bitcoin:

Amazon Gift card for Bitcoin:

  • In other cryptocurrency exchange sellers usually, ask for a physical card and purchase usually have to be made with cash, Since most of the cryptocurrency exchange usually don’t accept e-code.
  • Code which appears on the gift card and receipt must match
  • When purchaser redeems the code in the store the seller will redeem the code in the store he will pay you back in Bitcoin.
  • The whole operation will be registered in the platform which also acts as an intermediary

Buy Bitcoin With Visa Gift Card

There are several sellers in the United States who sells these Visa gift card, and they generally promise a quick person to person transaction.

  • To trade through a Visa gift card, you have to give your photo id for the receipt or to only physical trade cards.
  • Sellers usually prefer prepaid non-rechargeable cards that were purchased with cash.
  • To close the deal buyers need to send expiration date and CW code. Once the seller checks the balance, they will transfer Bitcoin to the wallet.

Buy Bitcoin with Itunes Gift Card

  • While exchanging iTunes with the gift card as a buyer, you might face some difficulties as Sellers are more willing to accept physical cards than using electronic codes
  • To start the deal buyers have to contact the seller and state their balance.
  • Once sellers accept the deal buyers need to send the clear picture of their card

After that seller checks that everything is right and then release the Bitcoin which will be transferred directly into your wallet.

Buy Bitcoin with Apple store gift card 

  • Firstly as a buyer, you have to find sellers who accept E-codes and balances over 3000 USD.
  • After that buyer’s contact sellers to exchange and indicate the amount you want to exchange.  
  • Buyers have to send their card codes, add an image of a picture of a physical card
  • For high-value exchange Bitcoins will be released only when the card has been verified

Positive and Negative Points of this Purchase Method

  • As a buyer, if you want to purchase Bitcoin via gift card you will have to pay 1.50 USD for each 1 USD
  • The average amount seller charge for each exchange is minimum 10 USD to a maximum of 1000 USD.

After reading this article you might be thinking that what is next in bitcoin, what you can expect from it in the coming future. We might not know that but for sure you will find it useful in the coming future.


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