Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card No ID

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Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card No ID

By observing the trends or do it quickly, you are looking to buy Bitcoin with credit card no ID. It is quite easy. If you are able to figure out how to do it then it will not take much time and would be hassle-free. The two most common options you can avail are, either paying by cash which does not require any verification and can be done privately. The second option is to buy with credit card at an exchange that allows you to buy bitcoins with no ID. We most of the Bitcoin exchanges, if a credit or debit card is used, you will get instant delivery of your bitcoins. First, let’s go through some of the best bitcoin exchanges to buy bitcoin with credit card no ID.

1. Wall of coins: It is a newly based peer to peer exchange in Florida. It offers a hassle-free platform to buy bitcoin by supporting only cash as a payment method so it helps in providing an option to buy bitcoin with credit card no ID.

Payment methods: The number of payment method accepts to buy bitcoins are MoneyGram deposits, cash deposits at bank branches, and Bank of America’s Teller Assist.

How to buy bitcoins at Wall of coins:

Wall of coins provides complete privacy to its customers. You can buy without registering the account on this site. You can pay directly to the seller’s account by depositing cash. This process is simple. Firstly, you need to enter the dollar amount that you want to spend on Bitcoins. A list of banks will be displayed once the amount is entered, opt for the bank of your choice, and deposit money in the seller’s account. After submitting the cash, text wall of coins with proper code. Your payment will be confirmed by the seller and the bitcoins will be delivered to you within 15 minutes.

Privacy: Wall of coins does not require for any ID proof. You can directly buy bitcoins without registering on the site.

Security: It maintains good security by offering cold storage of bitcoins. The site provides a built-in artificial intelligence system to prevent any fraudulent transaction. The site holds the bitcoins at the time of transaction where it acts as an escrow system. To retrieve the bitcoins, you need to contact a customer service representative.

Fees and limits:

Wall of coins does not provide the transaction details in public but it is estimated that fee is quite small like 1-2 % along with additional bank charges. The site has set a limit of $5 to purchase bitcoins. In addition to it, traders limit can be set with mutual assent. Due to the transaction speed, bitcoins can be received within 15 minutes if the seller response within an instant.

Pros and cons: Users privacy is maintained strictly and provide a simple user interface. Exchange rates are quite affordable and provide fast transaction. On the other hand, some of the cons are like, not disclosing transaction fee in public, seller's response matters and the site provides facilities in only 12 countries.

2. LocalBitcoins

This site provides more than an exchange. It is more of a like marketplace. It provides peer to peer platform that was established in 2012 and provide service across the globe. This is an excellent escrow system to integrate traders to meet and trade along with online trading and help to buy bitcoin with credit card no ID.

Payment methods: It helps by providing various payment methods like cash on delivery, cash through the mail, PayPal, Western Union, Webmoney, and Wire exchange.

Way to buy bitcoins with LocalBitcoins:

It provides a decentralized exchange. The users can trade in-person and the site performs as an escrow system. New users can sign-up to register an account on this site. After account creation, the user can search for a seller to buy bitcoins. Advertisement of the seller’s offer will be displayed on the site. After selecting an appropriate seller, a buyer needs to enter the amount to buy bitcoins as well as a payment system. The process could be completed by clicking the " Buy" option.

Privacy and Security: This site does not ask for any verification details and upholds the anonymous nature of bitcoins. This site is an efficient and reliable escrow system with an excellent security. It provides two-factor authentication that is encrypted with HTTPS protocol that requires a Login Guard. This site provides an excellent white hat program that helps all security researchers.

Fees and Limits: Buyers are free to buy but sellers has to pay 1 % fee along with Bitcoin network fee. Sellers are in complete procession of customizing the transaction fee. For customer service, you can call LocalBitcoins through Email.

Pros and Cons: A user can buy bitcoins without verification and it also supports a variety of payment system. The site is easy to work with and provide user’s privacy and security. Some of the cons involve are: As seller has the authority to set transaction fee so the buyer needs to worry.

3. Bit quick

This site also provides an option to buy bitcoin with credit card no ID. The bit quick provides an excellent escrow system. It provides services in 49 US states by supporting three fiat currencies- US dollars, Canadian dollars, and Euros.

Payment methods support Bank Transfers, MoneyGram, Western Union, and all transactions using cash deposits.

Way to buy bitcoins:

The buyer can purchase the bitcoins without even meeting seller. A user can buy bitcoin with credit card no ID without registering on the site. You just need to enter the amount to buy the bitcoins and select the desired order from the order book and enter email address along with Bitcoin wallet address. In the confirmation link, details will be provided with the account number in the order confirmation page. Next, click a receipt picture provided by the bank to the link sent via email. you will receive bitcoin within 3 hours.

Privacy and Security: No ID is required and a Pin is generated by the seller which allows accepting, modify, and cancel the order. Security is provided by BitGo’s multi-signature wallet.

Fees and Limits: you have to pay only 2% of the transaction.

Pros and Cons: Simple user interface with fast and reliable service. Cons are that exchange rates set by the seller, operate only in the US with three fiat currencies. In a similar way, some of the sites like CoinMama,, ShapeShift provide the same options to buy bitcoin with credit card no ID.


Most of the people like to buy bitcoin with credit card no ID to get the bitcoins instantly. To buy bitcoins without verification provides many advantages. These transactions are quite quick and reduce the risk of the leak of bank details on the site. Some exchanges provide online transaction and other platforms like Bitcoin ATMs are physical sites that provide anonymity to the user. It is recommended that before buying to consider all the terms and ways provided to buy Bitcoins without ID or verification. So jump right into it and get some Bitcoins.

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