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Buy Ethereum with Paypal

 Buy Ethereum with PayPal in two-step guide guide

Paypal is surely an appealing option for the users or buyers who want to buy Ethereum. you can also buy other currencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin from PayPal and many more. but at the same time in a formal way, it is not an easy procedure to buy Ethereum by using PayPal. To buy Ethereum by using your PayPal account it is important to buy Bitcoin and then convert it into Ethereum.

How to buy Ethereum with Paypal?

There are various Exchanges to buy the bitcoin or other currencies but you have to be sure that you are using the secure one, But you have to make sure that those exchanges provide you the option of PayPal as the payment option.

Basically, there are two steps to buy Ethereum through Paypal In a first step the buyer has to buy BitCoin and in second step buyer have to exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum

Step 1: Purchase Bitcoin via Paypal

The prominent websites which are helpful in purchasing Bitcoin via Paypal are given below:

Localbitcoins: This is a very prestigious P2P site for bitcoin transaction across the globe. It allows the user to organize a person to personally meeting with a prospective seller.

To purchase Bitcoin at Localbitcoin:

  1. Make an account on the com site
  2. Login to local bitcoin
  3. Go to buy Bitcoin
  4. Select the country code and payment method
  5. Select seller from the list given
  6. Key in  the price of Bitcoin to buy
  7. Click on the send request
  8. Confirm and follow prompts to complete the purchase

Other websites which are used in purchasing Bitcoin are as follows:

there are may exchanges from which you can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin from PayPal.

Paxful Bitcoin exchange is a peer to peer bitcoin exchange, here you can make an account and browse buyer and seller offers, Once an individual is ready to do business with another user, the sellers send their currency to Escrow.

Step 2 to exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum:

The prominent websites which are used to exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum are as follows: It provides a various payment method to the users in buying cryptocurrency. |t also helps users to buy ETH/BTC,

Stepwise method to trade ETH/BTC is as follows:

Make an account on Exchange.

Login and proceed to trade

Fund account with Bitcoin

Select BTC/ETH and exchange


It is a very reputed website of cryptocurrency exchange. It helps users to get ETH for Bitcoin.

  1. Click on exchange
  2. Enter the payment option
  3. Select ETH/BTC and follow prompts to complete data


This is considered as one of the most highly rated trading websites in over 200 countries. It helps the exchange of BTC and ETH. Limits of Bitcoin begins from 0.001 to 200 Bitcoin

It also helps in exchange of Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum

Step by step process to exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum are as follows:

  1. Create an account on Exmo
  2. Login and choose trade
  3. Select Cryptocurrency
  4. Enter exchange BTC/ETH and place an order
  5. Click confirm to accomplish the transaction


Buying Etherium using the above mentioned steps is quite easy. Once you do that you should store them in the safest place as possible. The reason behind it is that it is a most volatile and expensive investment you are making. You probably understand as the price of bitcoin is going down along with other cryptocurrencies. If you are not storing it at the right place then you can lose the money you are investing.


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