Buy Gift Cards With Bitcoin

Buy Gift Cards With Bitcoin

Spending digital crypto-currency on e-commerce platforms has been proven an interesting challenge
to Buy Gift Cards With Bitcoin.

Anything from houses to plane tickets, groceries to sex toys, can be purchased just by using CheapAir or BitPremier, Purse or Magic respectively. But you can also buy good old-fashioned gift cards. Until things improve, to buy cards with Bitcoin or any crypto-currency will always remain a viable alternative. The following platforms allow users to do so and they are listed below.

1. Gyft:

This company was found in 2012 with the aim of eliminating the use of physical gift cards. This online platform started accepting Bitcoin relatively early. There are many retailers for which they offer gift cards.

Here new users or buyers are rewarded with a free $5 gift card for signing up and all the purchases made in Bitcoin are offered with 3% discounts via a points system.

2. eGifter:

If you are looking for social shoppers, eGifter offers to track friend’s birthdays, help with present
recommendations and help connect to friends via Facebook in prompting “crowdfunding” of
the gift cards. It includes almost 215 retailers that include:

  • eBay Groupon
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Burger King
  • REI
  • CVS

The Litecoin and Dogecoin are also accepted in addition to Bitcoin, and eGifter also offers discount points for Bitcoin shoppers similar to Gyft.

3. Gift Off:

Gift off is rebranded recently from its former name Pockio, and it accepts more than 24 cryptocurrencies by far. As they offer or support the most popular crypto-currencies but have also added obscure currencies like BitcoinDark, Darkcoin, Bits of Bullion, Digibyte, HyperStake, Earthcoin, Startcoin, and Unobtanium. It offers an option to buy gift cards with bitcoin.

It also covers part of the digital goods and offering cards for 165 retailers that include:

  • Apple Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Skype
  • Spotify
  • Steam

As it does not provide the reward points program but offers commission-free purchases.

4. CoinCards:

Here is CoinCards offers a lot of features and functionality when it comes to spending digital crypto-currencies especially for the residents of Canada. This platform is specialized in letting users buy gift cards with Bitcoin. It offers cards from more than a hundred Canadian retailers that include Walmart, Amazon, and TJX. Plenty of options on this platform make it an excellent choice.

5. Fold:

This company is not in the same league as like other company in the list but its services offered should not be overlooked. Recently Starbucks confirmed that it will not accept Bitcoin payment anymore so an alternative was necessary to find. Fold help users to spend Bitcoin on prepaid Starbucks gift cards which can be used in store.
If gift card balance is not used entirely, Fold will automatically process a refund of the money left. This option is available only in the US and Hong Kong as well as Starbucks locations.


This service was overlooked a bit in the past few months or days. It is very popular among Bitcoin users. This platform is known for its Amazon services, as users can use bitcoin to obtain items at a discounted price at this platform. we will be a different approach as compared to traditional gift cards, but the end result is almost the same.

Here as an example, to buy gift cards with Bitcoin, a process to buy it from Amazon is

How to buy Amazon gift cards using Bitcoins:

A. Go to and click Get your voucher

B. Choose a voucher denomination: Select voucher denomination from $10 to $1,000. Add an
email address to update status and select payment method

C. Make a payment: from your wallet, complete payment to the address provided.

D. Receive Amazon Digital Code: After payment confirmation, a code will be received (Amazon
digital code) which can be redeemed on

Copy your voucher code. On, open Your Account and click on Gift Cards, then go
to Redeem a Gift Card. Use voucher code in the “Enter claim code” box and click Apply to your

Congratulation, Amazon gift card balance is updated by Amazon voucher. In a similar way, a user of a gift card can buy any other gift card like Online visa Gift cards, Walmart eGift card etc.


All over the world, purchasing a gift card is the most frequent task online and in the latest trend, people want to buy gift cards with Bitcoin. These all services to buy and store the gift card option are provided by many platforms and these gift cards can be saved in your account. You can even by it using the mobile platform like mobile phone etc, you just need to download the corresponding apps. So be happy to buy gift cards with Bitcoin any time on any platform, you just need to select from the myriad options provided.

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