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Buy ripple xrp with paypal

Step Way Guide To Buy Ripple XRP with PayPal  

Buy Ripple XRP with PayPal: After bitcoin, Ripple is the second most dominant cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, Ripple has a market cap of more than $100 billion. There are many ways by which we can purchase Ripple (XRP) but in this particular, I will provide you a step way guide to purchase Ripple XRP with PayPal.

Buy Ripple XRP with PayPal why so difficult?

Certainly, it is buying  Ripple XRP with PayPal is difficult since PayPal charges a high amount of charge backs. PayPal is quick and fast so a preferred payment for many. But still, there are some ways by which we can buy Ripple XRP through PayPal.

Virwox is one of the sites by which we can buy Ripple XRP through PayPal but again in this site first you have to buy Bitcoin with PayPal in order to buy XRP


It is one of the finest exchange for trading for the cryptocurrency. Virwox helps users to buy Bitcoin through PayPal in order to buy XRP. You have to buy Bitcoin first with PayPal and then trade this for relevant on BTC/XRP.

BTC/XRP for this there are few exchanges which you can use.

How To Purchase Ripple XRP with PayPal?

  • Firstly you have to go to Virwox and register an account by clicking on “Not registered yet” complete registration with username and email address.
  • After register an account you have to log in and change your password. Once you logged in on Virwox you have to click on the deposit button located on the left. Add funds using PayPal
  • When you add funds by using PayPal, Purchase SLL with the fund in your account. Go to exchange use USD/SLL or EUR/SLL. The SLL will be used shortly to exchange for Bitcoin.
  • Go to exchange and buy Bitcoin with your SLL. You can use market order if you want the order fulfilled straight way which will give you the currently available rate.
  • Once your order is fulfilled you can own Bitcoin.
  • Now you need to set up an account on the following recommended exchange if you have not registered and found your unique bitcoin deposit address.
  • Log back into your Virwox account and then add bitcoin deposit address and then insert amount how much you wish to send.
  • At last Bitcoin will come in your account exchange account within an hour where you can buy Ripple with BTC/XRP pairing.


This is another website which helps in buying and selling Ripple XRP. Cointal exchange runs its platform from London and supports the rest of the world.

How to use Cointal:  

  • Firstly you have to click on the registration button at the far right of the upper bar. Choose your username to type your email and repeat it and then again type it for confirmation that you are not a robot.
  • After that, you will find a link in your Gmail inbox after clicking on the link you will confirm the registration.
  • Then you will be directed to the profile setting on the platform. Here you can enter your Name, Bio to assure your credibility
  • After this, you have to set your answer to set your security question because you might need in the future.
  • Next step is to confirm your phone number to make a purchase/sale on the site
  • Then enter the security question that you previously specified in the same windows and then press send SMS
  • After this, you will receive SMS on your phone containing the pin code you should enter and then phone verification will disappear.
  • Cointal will provide you the five-digit code of your choice, you must save it as well as security question and password.

After entering and confirming data you can sell and buy digital currency after that you have to go to “Buy and Sell” as the image. Choose whether you want to sell and choose the currency.

After doing all this when you determine the amount you want to spend on the purchase of Ripple XRP. Click the Buy Button.

You will be directed to a page which gives you a period of time for a transaction like about an hour.

End of Article

In this particular article, we have explained all the different aspects or step by which we can buy Ripple XRP with PayPal. By following these step you will succeed in trading of this currency.


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