Cheapest Way To Buy Bitcoin

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Cheapest Way To Buy Bitcoin? is something everyone wants to know. If you are interested in buying the bitcoin then this is the best article for you to read. In this article, we are going to discuss the various ways which can be used by you to buy it without paying much.

Cheapest Way To Buy Bitcoin?

If you are having the shortage in money and still want to invest in the bitcoin then it can be difficult. This is because bitcoin is very expensive and due to the demand buying it can be difficult. But there are various ways which can be used by you to purchase this currency at cheap rates.

There are some platforms where you have to pay a high amount of transaction or buying fees. So what are the ways which can be used to buy it cheaply?


This is something which makes you decide if you have to buy it cheap or go for the safety. If you are new to the bitcoin trading then you should go for the safest way. But you should go for the cheapest way if you are an expert.

So the cheapest way to buy bitcoin are:

Kraken Or Coinbase

Kraken and coinbase are the two leading companies that are providing the facility in the bitcoin trading. They even have their own pros and cons but here we have to focus on the fee structure.

While using the SEPA method there is no need to pay any kind of fee but the problem is it takes time. The coinbase exchange from the two can be considered best for buying the bitcoin with a debit card.

But the cheapest way is using the coin base pro as in this you have to pay very less in comparison of the coinbase. In fact, there is no fee for the deposit of funds. The charges you have to pay while trading is also very low.

Buying Bitcoin P2P

If you are buying the bitcoin from the platforms then you have to pay some commission. This is not acceptable by some. So for those, it is better to get the bitcoin by using the method of person to person.

In this, you have to interact with the seller directly and decide the rate. This method can save you transaction fee but it can be dangerous. As you do not know the person you will be meeting is legit or a thief.

So it is best to meet that person in a public place.

Outside the US

If you do not want to miss the opportunity to earn then you should try to buy the bitcoin from the Asian countries. As there is a difference in the price of the bitcoin of about 3-4% and can even go up to 10% during the time of volatility.

But the problem comes when you have to withdraw the money. As it is a difficult task to be done.


These are some of the Cheapest Way To Buy Bitcoin? if you or known is looking for it then you should defiantly try this.

But you should keep the thing most in mind is – safety. If you are new to the cryptocurrency world then you should not try this otherwise why not.

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