Difference Between Bitcoin And Ethereum

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Difference Between Bitcoin And Ethereum

To know the Difference Between Bitcoin And Ethereum you should read this article. Here we will discuss each and every important aspect of them.

Ethereum was launched in 2015 and since then there is no stopping it. Ethereum has become one of the most famous and important cryptocurrencies in the world. Whereas, Bitcoin is the oldest and most powerful cryptocurrency in the digital currency world.

Difference Between Bitcoin And Ethereum

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin are the biggest cryptocurrency in the digital currency market. Here are some of the facts.

Oldest Vs. New

The basic difference between them is the release date of them. Bitcoin was released in 2009 as the
first cryptocurrency whereas Ethereum was released in 2015.


The speed of the transaction is one of the important topics in the digital currency world. As most of
the currencies consume a great amount of time. But Ethereum is much different than other
currencies as it takes seconds for the transaction whereas Bitcoin can take minutes.

Sophisticated Construction

Bitcoin is simply a database of accounts or wallet in which you can store your currency. Whereas the blockchain of Ethereum is more than just a collection of accounts. It is more sophisticated and is capable of storing computer codes – applications.

Monetary supply

This can be considered as the key difference between them. Majority of the shares that is two-thirds of the share has already been distributed. Most of it going to the early miners or buyers.

Ethereum conducted the presale to raise its launch capital and only half of it will have been mined by its fifth year.

Reward System

The reward for the mining of the Bitcoin is decreasing every four years and at present, it is 12.5 bitcoins only.

Ethereum rewards its miners on the basis of its proof-of-work algorithm called Ethash. Ethash
encourages people to use decentralized mining by individuals, rather than centralized ASICs like
Bitcoin. It provides 5 Ethereum for each block which is very less in comparison to the bitcoin.

The purpose for both the currencies are made is entirely different. Bitcoin made as an alternative to the regular money. The Ethereum was developed the platform providing facilities like peer-to-peer contracts and applications via its own currency vehicle.

Primary Function

Both of them are cryptocurrency but they have different primary functions. Bitcoin serves as the
alternate payment method for work or facilities you acquired. While Ether’s purpose is to facilitate
and monetize the working of Ethereum enabling the developers to build and run distributed

Value of these cryptocurrencies is also one of the main differences. There is a huge gap between
their prices, Bitcoin is $3,809 and Ethereum is $101.


These are some of the Differences Between Bitcoin And Ethereum mention above. You have to
remember that both of that cryptocurrency not controlled by the central governments. If you
are thinking of investing your savings in it than you can lose your money overnight or earn millions. so think ans research before investing in cryptocurrency.

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