Does Amazon Accepts Bitcoin

Does Amazon Accepts Bitcoin

One of the famous places for gathering news and intel on crypto-currency is hitting over a new thing: Does Amazon accepts bitcoin? The rumour is shot to the front page of crypto-currency, citing an anonymous computer science engineer who said Amazon has discussed taking Bitcoin multiple times and the main sticking point is how a company would deal with returns and issuing refunds as Bitcoin’s price is extremely volatile.

Although Amazon is tight-lipped on its interest in crypto and blockchain and company has made several moves in this sphere in recent months. As of November 2018, still has not accepted Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as a payment method. It is known as the world’s largest digital currency. However, Bitcoin failed to crack into Amazon, the world’s largest retailer.

Does Amazon accepted bitcoin?

Many debates are going on why Amazon has not accepted bitcoin as a payment method. There
could be many causes of why Amazon is not accepting bitcoin. They include:

  • Bitcoin value is very volatile. It would be a challenge to price the product on Amazon’s platform.
  • There are many uncertainties about regulations.
  • A big obstacle to process the returns and refunds due to price fluctuations.

Amazon already has some big deals with major credit card companies such as Mastercard and Visa. Consumers still use such payment methods, so it does not make sense to favour Bitcoin over credit cards for Amazon.

However, in 2017 and 2018, it was said that Amazon has begun purchasing several crypto-currency related domain names. Such domains are,, It has also been found/assumed that large online retailers were about to
accept bitcoin.

Amazon does not decide to accept bitcoin as a payment method, but you can still make a purchase using
Amazon gift cards. Therefore, you can go for the platform that provides Amazon gift cards in exchange
for Bitcoins. This might be expensive as you will have to pay a premium price to buy the gift card. That
means a $100 gift card could cost you more than $125.

How Would You Shop On Amazon Using Bitcoins

There are a large number of digital platforms that either scam or insecure but not all. At the same time,
you cannot spend a tiny amount on a website while to figure out which is the safest website to use. One
of the sites is, and you need to know about it:

How Does Work?

Buying from Amazon directly cannot be done using bitcoin cash. Here a middleman required. The middleman is that introduces you to thousands of online users who would like to accept bitcoins in exchange for hard cash. That would not pay you directly and neither would you.

Here the product will be bought from Amazon and send to the mentioned address. When you place your order, you would be paying to works like an escrow service and do not release bitcoin payment to another party until your order is not delivered at your doorsteps. The process of buying is straightforward.

What Can I Buy From

It uses the Amazon API to list all the products. You can buy almost anything available on Amazon. There are some viable business opportunities for you also. You forced to buy using But it recommended that you should visit at least once to check and familiarise yourself to the system.


As the future of cryptocurrency is good at least for some years, so people want to include it in their mainstream and day buying and people look for “Does Amazon Accept Bitcoin?” Amazon, for instance, does not accept Bitcoins, but some platforms use Amazon API, and people can indirectly get the desired result using However, some of the domains are bought by Amazon in the digital currency world. So keep in touch if Amazon provides any service in the future world regarding bitcoin in the cryptocurrency world.

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