Gdax ID Verification

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Verifying the ID is very important in any of the digital exchange platforms. Gdax ID Verification is done so that the platform can verify the identity of the user. So how it is done, time period and what are its importance? In this article, we are going to discuss all these aspects.


Gdax is the exchange which has established its name in the world of cryptocurrency very well. It has switched its name to the Coinbase Pro has given a huge boost to it. The platform provides the trading tools with completely re-engineered tools UI which has made the trading experience much easier.

How To Get Gdax ID Verification?

If you want to get your account verified you will need the Identity card which has your picture on it. To accomplish this you have to submit your picture of yourself with the ID card using the webcam. For the result to show up quickly you should:

  • Make sure the picture window if filled with your face being clearly visible.
  • The photo ID should have the exact full name as you have used in your Gdax account.
  • Always remember to not to submit a blurry photo.
  • Make sure the picture you are submitting of the ID should have the name with clear visibility.

Once you have done that you have to check the status on the right side of the dashboard.

Time Taken

To get verified it generally takes 2-3 working days. But for any reason your Verification process gets rejected then the reason will also be given for that. From that, you can make improvements and try for the verification again.

Time Period

Gdax ID verification is effective for One year usually for any course. If you want to change your course then you have to pay for that but there is no need to submit the photo again.

Reason For Denial

There can be many reasons for getting ID verification denial. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The picture is missing in the ID
  • Text in the ID is not clear.
  • The photo and the name are not on the same side.
  • There is a mismatch between the username and the name on the ID.

If you face any of those problems then you should bring all the changes and resubmit the Picture.

Importance Of Gdax ID verification

On any of the digital currency platform, the security is the main concern. Getting your ID verified is the basic step for it. This is done to verify the identity of the user that will be taking the benefits of the services. There can be a chance that some people can try to scam the others. So to avoid these things it is better to avoid the problems in the future.


These are the basic Gdax ID Verification things that are required to know. If you are going to start the trading on the Gdax then this article will be very helpful for you. And if you have started the sign in the process then you should keep these points in mind.

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