How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2019

How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2019?

There is a continuous fall in the value of cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin. But there is a hope that it will rise back to its former glory. So in this article, we are going to discuss the bitcoin and How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2019?


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, released in 2009. It is the first cryptocurrency designed to replace the fiat currency all around the world.

Since the inception of this currency, there is a great influx of cryptocurrencies. All these currencies are decentralized means it is not controlled by the central banks. But what can you expect from Bitcoin in the coming future.

Bitcoin has seen its own share of highs and lows. The present year was not good enough for the Bitcoin. As it lost around 70% of its value in the market. But there is an assumption by the analysts and other crypto-tycoons that it will raise soon.

How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2019?

Predicting the actual jump of the bitcoin is impossible but we can assume the various possibilities. For the prediction, we have to consider the different facts like:


Even though the bitcoin was not able to perform well in 2018 experts still have faith in it. Many professionals who are working in the digital currency market believe that it will soon jump. Some even predicted the unthinkable amount of $150,000.

So if you are thinking of investing in it and this prediction goes right then you are going to extract the maximum profit.

The problem is experts were expecting the same. But nothing like this happens and 70% of the bitcoin value got down. Costing the investors a lot of money, some even lost their life’s savings.

Government view

With the craze and rise in the price of the cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin. The government has started to notice it. Even though in the USA Bitcoin is legal and some enterprises are accepting it as a payment.

But there are laws in some state which are not user-friendly. If these states become friendly toward cryptocurrency and laws are to be removed then you can expect the great jump in the value of the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ETF Approval

Bitcoin Exchange Trade Fund can be the game changer. If this happens then you can expect the rise in the value of Bitcoin. But this legislation has already been delayed to 2019. So hope to get the approval from SEC and be the one to gain the profit from the hike of Bitcoin.

Institutional Buyers

Due to the continuous fall in the price of the bitcoin institutional buyers are afraid of investing in it. But there is a high hope that soon they will invest the Bitcoin. The investment done by them can bring a great amount of money in the market.

This type of investment is good for the Bitcoin value and if this happens then in no time the bitcoin value will shoot high.


These are some of the factors to predict How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2019? And these factors show great hope for the Bitcoin. But before investing in it you should remember that the above-mentioned factors are just the assumptions.

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