How many Satoshi in a bitcoin

How many Satoshi in a bitcoin? – is the question, you are not the only one to ask for. So what is the answer to that and what is the importance of this? We are going to discuss each and everything related to the Satoshi which will give you all the information regarding it.

What is Satoshi?

As we know that there are measuring units for each and every measurement and this goes with the bitcoin as well. Satoshi can be defined as the smallest measuring unit of the bitcoin.

How many Satoshi in a bitcoin?

Like any other fiat currency bitcoin is made by adding up the 100 million satoshis. From this, you must have understood how many Satoshi are there in a bitcoin. There is no smaller unit then Satoshi for the division of the bitcoin.

This kind of division is very helpful for the people who invest in the bitcoin but not that much. As anyone can buy 1 Satoshi if interested as the price of it very low, for example:

When the article is being written the price of 1 bitcoin is $3,578 whereas 1 satoshi is $0.00003578.

Satoshi Nakamoto and his whereabouts

Everyone wants to know who the creator of the bitcoin is but the problem is no one knows who he or she is. Due to this reason, people have given him a pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Many reporters and people all around the world have tried to find this person but everyone has failed. This brings them to the various speculations of which some of them are:

  • He is a Japanese person of about an age of 40 years. But there are some problems with this theory as all the documents and bitcoin software does not translate into Japanese which proves this theory to be wrong.
  • Another theory which is more believable is that “Satoshi Nakamoto” is a group of talented Software who has created the bitcoin and released it in the market.

So we can say that the exact location of this person is not known but it is said that he alone is the owner of 1 million bitcoins which makes him the billionaire.

How To Buy satoshi?

If you are interested in buying the bitcoin then you should know that there are various ways which can help you to buy the Satoshi, like:

  • Bitcoin Faucets – There are many services which provide you to Cryptocurrency for performing simple tasks. You can work for them and receive the Satoshi as the payment.
  • Mining – one of the best options that are considered to buy the bitcoin is mining. As you can mine the bitcoin block and will be getting the reward for. You can join the pools which will decrease the pressure of mining on you.
  • Exchanges – There are some exchanges also which provide you with the facility of buying the satoshi at a low rate with the proper security features.

Buying can be one of the easiest ways to enter the cryptocurrency world because of the affordable price of it.


The conversion of the bitcoin to the Satoshi is very easy. So when someone asks you How many Satoshi in a bitcoin? Then all you have to do is divide the price of 1 bitcoin by 100 million and you will be able to provide the answer.

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