How to buy bitcoin at Walmart?

There are many ways to buy bitcoin and you might want to know which is the safe and easy one. One of the ways to buy the bitcoin is Walmart. Do, you might want to know the way to buy the bitcoin at Walmart.

You might be thinking that it is not possible to buy the bitcoin at the Walmart but this is not true as you can buy the bitcoin. If you do not know the way then you must read this article, as after this you will discover a new way to buy the bitcoin.

How to get started?

If you are a veteran in the cryptocurrency world then you must be having the wallet. But if you are not then you must read all the facilities provided by a different wallets. After you are satisfied with the facilities you should install it.

After that, if you are interested in buying a bitcoin then you should find a person who is interested in selling his or her bitcoin. You can trade those coins for the cash or the gift card you have depending on the demands of the seller.

Buy bitcoin with Walmart gift card

There are many people who are willing to sell their bitcoin, all you have to find them. Once you found that person you can ask that person to trade the bitcoin for the Walmart gift cards. This can be the win-win situation for both of you.

Buy Bitcoin at Walmart using cash

You can buy the bitcoin using the cash from the Walmart but you should know that it is a transaction which contains a middle man. So you have to pay the transaction charges depending upon the amount of bitcoin you are going to purchase.

For this, you have to visit the nearby store of Walmart store deposit the money and have it transferred to the BTC seller. You can do this at any Walmart and by anyone.

Step by step guide for you

  • Get the Bitcoin wallet according to your need.
  • Select the P2P marketplace. By doing this you will be able to connect to the seller who wants to sell the bitcoin. Select the mode of the payment you want to pay that falls under the Walmart2Walmart transfer.
  • Enter the amount of bitcoin you want to buy and the email to sign up.
  • Select the payment method as cash. This will give you the list of options to pay where you can select the Walmart2Walmart.
  • Visit the nearest Walmart and deposit the cash which will be transferred to the seller’s Walmart account.
  • You can verify the transaction by uploading the receipt that you have received from the teller at the Walmart.
  • Once the seller received the proof of the payment he or she will release the bitcoin to your account within 3 minutes or maybe in 10 minutes. It depends on the seller basically.


There is a huge demand for the bitcoin and everyone is searching for a way to buy it. You can buy bitcoin at Walmart, exchange or contacting to the buyer directly.

You can invest in it all you want but always stay vigilant as the price of the bitcoin is highly volatile and it can fall very quickly. So think before you invest the money you have earned by working hard.

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