How To Buy Tron Coin

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How To Buy Tron Coin?

Tron is one of the new cryptocurrency that is catching up other cryptocurrencies. If you want to expand your cryptocurrency collection then this can be the coin for you. So How To Buy Tron Coin?

But before starting you should know about the Tron.


Tron was released in 2017. It is the cryptocurrency that is gaining the popularity among the people very fast. It has become one of the biggest markets in the cryptocurrency world. You can estimate its popularity by the incident when Binance exchange got crash because of its demand.

Tron is solving the problem of the decentralized platform that cannot be controlled by a single person. But its control is distributed across thousands of different computers.

How To Buy Tron Coin?

There are various cryptocurrency exchanges that are providing the Tron coin on their platform. Some of them are discussed below which can be used to buy Tron:


Binance is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. It is providing you the fast transactions, security and user-friendly interface to use. The only disadvantage you will find on it is that you cannot buy the cryptocurrency using the fiat currencies.

Here people trade various coins including the Tron with very low transaction fees. Finally, it has both an advance and basic section means it is ideal for both rookie and expert.


HitBtc is an exchange which is providing the services since 2013. It can be perfect for the beginners because it allows trading in the fiat currencies like USD and EUR.

The authentication procedure might take time. If you are interested in buying the Tron quickly then you should buy it using the different currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

It is providing the facility to trade in almost 200 currencies. Although the only lash back it faced was in 2015 when it got hacked and some of the users lost their money.


Bittrex is the exchange which is at the top when it comes to the cryptocurrency market. It is very tool that is preferred by the experts. It has a good reputation among the users when it comes to the security as it has not suffered any type hacks till now.

You can trade the Tron using it with ease. At bittrex you will have the facility of speed and low trading fees that is 0.25% fee on every trade.


Although it is not popular cryptocurrency exchange as compared to other exchanges. But it has the highest trading volume for Tron.  The trading charge on the CoinEgg is also very low that is 0.1%.

Unfortunately, it does not allow doing the trade by using the debit/credit card or bank accounts. Security at the CoinEgg is considered very seriously as you will not be able to trade until you set up three security questions.


If you are thinking of buying the Tron then you can use any of the above mention exchanges. So you can guide anyone who asks any question How To Buy Tron Coin? Using this article.

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