How To Cash Out Bitcoin

If you have made the profit out of bitcoin and want to cash out. Then the article How To Cash Out Bitcoin? is for you. There are different ways from which you can convert your bitcoin to cash. So, which one is beneficial and easier to use.


Bitcoin is the digital currency which has been volatile since the beginning. There are chances that you might earn some profit and want to cash out that profit without risking it. Or you are suffering from the loss and do not want to suffer any more which can be the reason to cash out. But what are the ways which can be used to cash out the bitcoin? Well some of them are discussed below:

How To Cash Out Bitcoin?

There are 5 main ways which can be used to cash out you bitcoin.

Cashing Out Online

There are various websites which allow you to sell your bitcoin to the potential buyers directly. All you have to do is give them certain fees for providing that facility.

On these websites, you have to create your account by verifying your credentials. Some websites freeze your bitcoins when you try to sell your bitcoin to stop the fraudulent activities. When you receive the money from the buyer your bitcoins will be automatically transferred to the buyer.

Cashing Out Offline

If you want to sell you bitcoin with the safest means then it is the way. In this method, you can also avoid the cash withdrawal or service charges which you have to pay while using the exchanges or other online methods.

In this, you can sell the bitcoin by directly meeting the person at your decided place. There are tools which can help you to find the potential buyers around your geographical areas.

Local Bitcoin is the best example of this. As it is the leading services which are used to connect the buyer and the seller. You can also give feedback on the profile of the buyer or the seller so that others can check the authentication. It usually charges 1% fees for the service it provides.

Of course, you can find the buyers on the other platform but you will not be able to check the reputation of the buyer which can be dangerous to deal with.

Bitcoin Trading Exchange

Trading the bitcoin is one of the most common ways of cashing out the bitcoin. There are various exchanges which are providing these services.

All you need to do is open an account, place a sell order, select the bitcoin as the cryptocurrency you want to sell, its amount and price. When the price you desired is found it will place your order.

Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase are some of the common examples.

Cryptocurrency Converters

There is another way which can be used to change your cryptocurrency into the cash. And that is by converting your digital currency into the fiat one directly.

Many exchanges provide this facility also. You can convert it into the fiat currency you want and the value of bitcoin at that time will be transferred into your account. After the transaction is complete you can withdraw the money from the ATMs using cards that are offered by the exchange partner.

There are some of the fraud websites which steal your bitcoins. So you have to remain extra vigilant while converting your bitcoin to cash.

Electronic Payment Systems

You can convert your bitcoin to fiat currencies by yourself. By using the multifunctional electronic payment system. All you have to do is open your bitcoin account and then withdraw your money using the prepaid card or a wire transfer.

This can help you to avoid excessive transaction fees.


In the article – How To Cash Out Bitcoin? you have learned the various ways which can be used by you to convert the bitcoin to cash. We hope that you found this article informative and use one of the ways to convert your digital currency.

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