How To Claim Bitcoin Gold

How To Claim Bitcoin Gold?

How To Claim Bitcoin Gold? – Soon after the introduction of Bitcoin Gold on November 12, 2017, is the leading question in the bitcoin family. Anyone who holds the bitcoin on October 24, 2017, can claim equivalent amount of bitcoin gold in their wallet.

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin gold is the distributed cryptocurrency that is the hard fork of Bitcoin. It is quite different from the bitcoin as it uses hard memory equihash, whereas the bitcoin uses SHA-256. If you do not want to change your bitcoin to bitcoin, then it is not a problem but if you do then how.

How To Claim Bitcoin Gold?

In this article, we are going to provide you with a step by step procedure to claim your bitcoin gold without any dependence on the ios or android.

Before starting, you should have all these things to claim your bitcoin gold.

  • A laptop or desktop with chrome browser on it.
  • Chrome extension
  • Wallet for your bitcoin gold
  • Seed words from your Bitcoin wallet

Once you have these things, then the following steps are required:


Access your bitcoin wallet where you stored the bitcoin during the time of fork. Wallets like, Exodus, or any other wallet which supports BIP44 type key generation.

Seed Word

Seed words are the back phrase of 12, 18, or 24 long used for recovering the bitcoins. So select your seed word from your wallet to recover your bitcoins.


Now use your seed words to recover your bitcoins from the wallet. By clicking on the clicking on the restore the wallet.

Once you recover your bitcoin from the wallet, you will be able to check your balance during the time of the fork.


If you are using the coinomi wallet, then click on the menu and hit the “+ COINS” button. There you will find the various types of cryptocurrency from them select the “BitcoinGold”.


After this, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to add bitcoin gold in your wallet or not.

Now rather than clicking on the “ADD” button, you have to click on the “ADVANCED SETTING”. If you make this mistake, then you have to delete your wallet and add a new one.

In the deviation path, you have to enter M/44H/0H/0H.

And now click on the “ADD” button as the final step.

Now you will see that the Bitcoin gold has been deposited in your wallet in the 1:1 to the bitcoin that was present during the time of fork.

Here you have to keep a point in mind that:

If you have more than one coin in your bitcoin, then you have to repeat the step to claim other bitcoins. In doing this whole process, you have to do one change, and that is to replace "0" from "1" and keep on increasing until you have claimed all your bitcoin gold. For example, M/44H/0H/1H for the second bitcoin gold and so on.


So this is the simple explanation for the question – “How To Claim Bitcoin Gold?” which you were looking for. Go and claim your BitcoinGold.

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