How To Earn Bitcoin Free

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With the high price of the bitcoin you might have thought about – How To Earn Bitcoin Free? So is that possible or trying to achieve impossible.

Well, the answer to this question is “NO” there is no way to earn anything without working for it. But you can make a profit from it in such a huge margin that you might feel like buying them for free.

How To Earn Bitcoin Free?

This might not be possible but there are some ways which can you make you feel like it. Some of them are discussed below:


This is the process which has been there for a while. In this process, there is a great risk and the profit margin is also low. They usually come and go as most of them are scams. The owner of the website wants the traffic on the platform so they tempt to give free bitcoin. This may help you attain some bitcoin for free but before you cash out, the site might disappear.

So it is better to go for the trusted websites. If you are new to the bitcoin world then you should never go for this process.

Book reading

If you have the interest in books then it can be another way for you to earn bitcoin. There are various websites which run behind the bitcoin aliens. Here you will be getting the money from the websites for reading the books that are available.

Even if you get different currency you can easily change that into the bitcoin. So this is one of the relaxing ways of getting the bitcoin without any hard work.


This might not be a suitable way for you to get the bitcoin for free. But there is a chance that you might end up hitting the jackpot. There are many online games where you can get the bitcoin as the reward.

But if you are gambling in the casino then there is a chance that you might end up losing the money. So you should think before you start gambling. This kind of bitcoin making can be addicted and you may end up losing all your savings.

Bitcoin trader

This type of bitcoin earning can be most rewarding but also risky. In this all you have to buy and sell the cryptocurrency or the bitcoin at the same time.

But there is a great risk in it. this is because there is a chance that you might not be able to sell them at the time and the fall in the price take place. This type of bear run can make you lose your fortune. So you have to be very vigilant and knowledgeable about the market all the time to get the profit from the bitcoin.

Affiliate Program

It is one of the options which can be used to buy the bitcoin. Here you have to organize the programs regarding the bitcoin promotion and get the reward in the form of Bitcoin.


These are some of the ways for How To Earn Bitcoin Free? These might not be completely free but they can be considered as the cheapest way to earn the bitcoin.

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