How To Get Bitcoin Address

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Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of everyone in the world is aware of but still, people have a problem like How To Get Bitcoin Address?

Well for starters you should know that it is very important to have a bitcoin address. This is because having a bitcoin address is like having a bank account where you can store your bitcoin.

How To Get Bitcoin Address?

For those who are new to the cryptocurrency world, this might feel odd to them but this is a very necessary and easy step. This is like getting your bank account number but it is a string of long alphanumeric usually starting with ‘1′ or ‘3′.

There are various wallets which are providing this facility. You can also get the hardware bitcoin wallet to store the bitcoin. But while getting the address you should be focused because the wrong one can make you lose all your money.

If you are using the coinbase then you can get it in 3 simple steps:

  • Sign in your account and if do not have then sign up.
  • Click on the address section.
  • Click on the “Create New Address”

Now you have to click on the “Details” button to get the address which has been generated. This code works similar to the bar codes and can be scanned from smartphones.

Mobile Wallet Address

If you want to use your mobile wallet then you can use platforms like:

  • Mycelium
  • Coinomi
  • Jaxx

Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

There are hardware devices also which can be used to generate valid bitcoin wallets addresses. These are devices which looks like a USB and can be used to store the bitcoin for a longer period of time. If you are looking for a safe and permanent bitcoin address then it is the best way to store.

Some of the popular bitcoin hardware wallets that can be used are:

Desktop Bitcoin Address

If you prefer using the desktop for the trading rather than the mobile then the wallets which are suitable for you are:

  • Exodus
  • Bitcoin Core
  • Electrum

Paper Bitcoin address

Paper wallets are another way to generate the address. If you are using it for the longest time then it can be considered as the safest way to store your bitcoin. but there are some cons as well as you can accidentally expose your private key to the other.

These are some of the ways to get it.

Why Bitcoin Address Is Important?

A valid address is very important for the storage of the bitcoin there are various reasons for that:

  • If you have the wrong address then you can lose your cryptocurrency.
  • By entering the wrong address your bitcoin can be lost in the cyberspace.
  • If it enters the wrong hands then your bitcoins can be lost for good.
  • You can transport millions of money from one country to another without the fear of getting robbed.

So these are some of the reason to have a valid bitcoin address.


We hope that you have got the answer to the question – How To Get Bitcoin Address? You can also guide anyone from this article who is asking the same question.

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