How To Short bitcoin

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How To Short bitcoin – is the question asked by the investors who think that bitcoin is for the short term. This is true or not can only be found in the future. But, if you are one of them there are some of the ways which can be to do it.

How To Short bitcoin

If you have lost the faith in the bitcoin and want a way out then these methods can be the best option for you to try.

Margin trading

This could be one of the easiest ways to shorten your bitcoin. There are many exchanges which provide you the option for the margin trading. In this, the investor can borrow the money from a broker in order to make the trade.

But in this, you have to keep in mind that there can be the leverage factor which can increase or decrease the profit or losses. There are some of the popular options which provide the facility are:

  • BitMex
  • AVAtrade
  • Plus500

Future Market

Bitcoin is considered to be the currency for the future. So there are many people to whom you can give or sell the currency. In this if the buyer agrees to purchase the security with a contract in which it is specified are what time and rate the security will be sold. If you do this then it increases the chances of you ending up with the profit.

Selling the contract is considered to be an excellent way to shorten your bitcoin and gaining the profit.

Prediction Market

This is another way which can be used by you to earn the profit. But in this, there is no guarantee that you will be getting the profit out of it.

This method is around for a long time but it has become one of the popular methods of shorting the bitcoin. In this market allows the investors to gather and create an event in which you make the prediction. If anyone else makes it more than you and takes on the bet then there is a chance you making a profit out of it.

Binary Trading Option

It is also an option which allows the people to short the bitcoin. In this, you have to put the order probably by using the escrow service. By using this you would be selling the currency at today’s price even if it goes down. You can get the option of getting the binary options trading from the offshore exchanges but the problem is it has very high cost and risk.

Short-Selling Bitcoin Asset

This option might not appeal most of the buyers but if you are interested then you can use this option. In this, you can sell your bitcoin for a short period of time and when it goes down you can buy them again.

But the problem in this is if the price goes up then you have to suffer the loss as well.


So now you know How To Short bitcoin from this article. If you do not have faith in it then you can use these methods to gain the profit from it.

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