How to sign a message with bitcoin address

How to sign a message with bitcoin address? – is the question whose answer can be very helpful for you when you are transacting or paying for something. You might be thinking that by signing a message what will you achieve or how it is going to be helpful.

Why signing a message with bitcoin address is important?

When you are trading the money then it becomes important to prove the ownership of those coins. This can be difficult if you do not mark them or make a digital print on them.

Well consider an example: You are making a payment for anything and the receiver says that he or she did not get it or might be asking the proof that you have done this payment. Then you can show them the transaction as the proof which is good. But this is still not the proof that you have payment was done for a particular work or the coins you are transacting are yours.

So signing the message with the transaction can be helpful for you at that time. As this will act as the proof from your side that it was you who made the payment.

How to sign a message with bitcoin address?

From the above paragraph you importance of attaching a message with each and every payment. But you still do not know how to do that. Well, the answer to this question is in the following steps:

  • Once you have completed the transaction of the bitcoin, visit the transaction page of the application/wallet/page and search for the “Sign a message” function.

Note: you will be getting this function only if you have the private key.

  • You have to make sure that you know and noted the “FROM” address.
  • Now you have to insert that FROM address in the message field.
  • Make sure the address you are inserting is the correct one (you should not make any changes in that).
  • Enter the message for the verification of the payment and then hit the “sign message” button.
  • The signature will be generated and this will be a unique one for the address and the message. Copy all those – address, message, and the signature and send it to the vendor.
  • Once they will receive the information, they can verify it with the help of the “verify message” function of the bitcoin.

Once you have done all this you have the proof of the payment has been made by you for a particular purpose.

Time taken

When you do the payment the token will not be released immediately. It can take 48 to 72 hours once you have made the payment. So you should not panic about the payment as you will not be able to see the wallet but the token is definitely there.


Now you know the importance of – sign a message with bitcoin address and the procedure to do it. So follow the steps mentioned in the above article and make the payment where ever you desire.

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