How To Trade On Binance

Everyone in the world of cryptocurrency came up with this question once – How To Trade On Binance? In this article, we are going to discuss the various points which will help you to understand the trading method of the binance.

Binance Exchange

Binance is the fastest cryptocurrency exchange with a wide variety of coins to exchange like BNB, ETH, BTC, and other major coins. It has a low trading fee as well as the fast with the facility like Binance 2FA. The processing of the orders can be done easily in a huge amount that is 1.4 million every second. So trading on the binance can be an easy and fruitful procedure.

How To Trade On Binance?

If you are a beginner and want to start trading of different cryptocurrency then binance can be a good option. This is because it provides you a user-friendly interface with security.

There are few things that are required to start the trading on binance:

  • An active account on binance.
  • Wallet
  • Internet connection

If you have these basic things then you can start the trading on the binance.

These are some of the steps which are needed to be followed to start the trading:

Sign In

The first and the foremost important part of the trading are to sign in your account which is registered and verified by the binance. Verification of the account is very important as binance take its security measures very seriously.

Buying The Cryptocurrency

Once you have a sign in your account and have done basic formalities like verification then you have to go to the buy section.

Here you have to select the currency you want to buy, the amount you are interested in buying. After this, you have to enter the mode of the payment through which you will be paying.


Once you have filled all this information you have to give the information about the wallet. This is necessary as after buying you will need a secure place to store them. So enter all the information about the wallet you think is secure and will be easy to use in the future.

Once you have done all this, all you have to do is click on the buy button. Now the Currency will be deposited in your wallet.

This is the one side of the trading. Now you should learn about the selling procedure as well.

Selling The Cryptocurrency

Selling the coins on the binance is one of the important and easy parts. As you are trading the cryptocurrency then the profit is the main objective. If you are not getting it or losing the money then there is no profit in doing it. So here is the process which you have to do while selling the cryptocurrency.

Log In

If you are selling the cryptocurrency then obviously you have an account to log in.


Once you have done that you have to go to the sell option provided on the screen. Decide and enter the amount of currency you want to sell.

Mode of Payment

You have to check the mode of payment you want for the coins. You have to circumspect the options as different geographical regions have different kind options for the currency. If you choose the wrong one then you might not get the payment.

After all this, all you have to do is click on the sell button and the payment for the currency will be deposited in your account.


These are the basics of How To Trade On Binance? If you have any problem with the trading then we hope that this has cleared those queries.

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