How To Withdraw from Binance

How To Withdraw from Binance

Step Way Guide How To Withdraw Cryptocurrency From Binance

Binance Exchange:

Ever Stuck How To Withdraw From Binance? It is one of the reputed and viral cryptocurrency exchange. It is considered as one of the secured cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Currently, Binance does not allow users to buy or sell their cryptocurrency with the help of fiat currency. For that, you can take the help of other platforms as well.

It is considered to be secure due to the steps taken by them like Two-Factor Authentication, verification process on Binance. So you can trade easily without any fear like theft.

Steps to withdraw from Binance:

  1. Log in to Binance account.
  2. Select the fund tab and click withdrawals.
  3. Choose the token that you want to withdraw from Binance by using the drop-down list and searching for it. For example, if we are using Neo token, so we click on Neo token when it popped up.
  4. There are two different ways we can complete this step. If we click the drop-down at withdrawal address and choose to use the new address, it will save the address for latest use. It also gives a label use so you can provide a name for the address.
  5. Fill the withdrawal address field and the wallet address you want to send and amount area with how much you wish to withdraw. Then click submit.

The noteworthy point related to Neo:

  • We have to send Neo in a whole number.
  • You cannot send fractions
  • There is no transaction fee for withdrawing NEO
  • It might change in the future. But currently, it is money saving

In the end, all you need to do is to complete the binance verification process. For that, they will also send an e-mail to confirm the transaction.

How to withdraw coins from Binance?

  1. There are four crucial steps to withdraw the coin from Binance, which are as follows :
  2. Go to Binance website and then Click login from the menu and enter your details to log in.
  3. Select the Coin you want to withdraw and click on the right. Input the address, tag, amount and then click submit.
  4. The operating system will now send a confirmation message to your Binance registered email address. Open the email titled, make sure it is intended transaction and then click when you like to proceed with withdrawing.

Check the withdrawal:

Go to Binance official website and log in. Once you do that you can check the balance in you, account section.


If you are interested in trading the digital currency, then you can buy on Binance Exchange. They are very much secured as a cryptocurrency exchange so users can feel safe leaving funds on here. If you are new to the trading of the cryptocurrency, then you can for the Stop-limit on Binance.


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