Is Bitcoin Going To Crash

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Is Bitcoin Going To Crash? – the question that is needed to be answered. As the price of the bitcoin is falling continuously. Due to this bearish run, everyone wants to know is it going to survive or not, they should invest in it or not.

To answer this there is a need to analyze different factors. So,

Is Bitcoin Going To Crash?

To decide this you have to consider both the positive and the negative points regarding the bitcoin future. This way you will be able to analyze it completely and decide if it going to crash or not.

Positive Side of Bitcoin


Blockchain can be considered as the factor which is keeping the bitcoin alive and running at this stage. This is because it is the reason for bitcoin is one of the safest forms of the transaction conducted by the two parties without the involvement third one (banks).

It is also one of the fastest ways to transfer the money in any part of the world. Currently, many companies are investing in this type of technology. This alone can be the reason for the bitcoin not to crash.


Experts consider the bitcoin a currency of the future. There are two reasons for that:

  • A limited number of coins are available in the market. And the limited amount of anything always attract the people. It is considered as the digital gold.
  • Other is the use of this currency in the countries which are suffering from inflation like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and some of the African countries.

These are some of the positive factors which can make the currency used in the future. If we analyze these points then you can say that it is impossible for the bitcoin to crash.

Negative Side of Bitcoin

If there is the positive side of the bitcoin then there is negative also. So when these negative points are highlighted the price of the bitcoin is going to fall automatically. Some of the factors which are causing the fall in the price of the bitcoin are:

Increased Regulation

The use of the bitcoin anonymously for the wrong reason like money laundering, human or drug trafficking payments is the reason for increased regulation. These regulations have made the use of the bitcoin even for the genuine users difficult.

This is not the end as you can expect more laws to add for the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


There is a continuous increase in the number of the cryptocurrencies which has created the competition for the Bitcoin. Currencies like Litecoin and Ethereum has gained popularity among the people all around the world. This has created a negative impact on the bitcoin. As they are moving toward the other altcoins. If this continues the bitcoin can crash.


Initially, bitcoin was popular because it was a good place to hide your money. But now the agencies like FBI and IRS has started surveillance on these currencies. This type of action has created a negative impact on the buyers and affected the popularity.


From the article Is Bitcoin Going To Crash? You can estimate the future of the bitcoin. There is a possibility that the bitcoin can crash if not handled properly. But you can gain money also if you invest in it with a smart approach.

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