Jaxx Wallet com Review

Jaxx Wallet Review

To keep the cryptocurrency safe is one of the most important parts of the digital currency world. Storing it in the cold storage can be one option. But there are options like e-wallets which can be used. In this article, we are going to do Jaxx Wallet Review.

Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx wallet is something that is recently introduced in the cryptocurrency world. It is a wallet which can be used to store the digital currency. Jaxx has entered in the cryptocurrency world with a different primary motive that is enabling the simple blockchain.

Jaxx wallet allows you to store and control the information in numerous ways like your shipping address, credit card details, and login in details. It can store all the major information for you.

So the questions arise are – is Jaxx wallet safe to store the cryptocurrency or not, if so then what currency can be stored in it, and many more.

Jaxx Wallet Review

To give a proper review we need to discuss the various services which are provided by the wallet.


While using the Jaxx wallet you will be getting the various facilities which can be very helpful like:

  • It pairs in with many cross platforms.
  • Multiple coins are supported by it. So you can store all your coins in one place.
  • Easy online purchases without any hard cash.

Special Features

There are various unique and special features which make the Jaxx wallet a useful option. These features also make them safe to store the cryptocurrency in it. So the features are:

Local Keys – You will be creating a local key by yourself which can be used for securing the wallet. Other servers will not be getting that key only you will be having the full control.

Free Access – The user will not be required to do verification to access the Jaxx account. However, you can add extra security features to increase the security.

Easy Utility Method – Even though you are a beginner you can easily use the Jaxx account. It is designed to fulfill the need of the client appropriately.


Jaxx wallet is very flexible and can be used at various platforms like:

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Google Chrome
  • Android
  • Firefox extensions

All you need is to download it and start using.

Fee structure

Jaxx wallet is free to download. The only charge you will be paying is the transaction charges. And it can vary depending upon the currency you will be trading on it. In summary, you will be paying very low as compare to others.

Currency it supports

Jaxx wallet is a multi-currency support wallet. You can store the various currencies like:


Safety is one of the important parts of the digital world. So it is expected from the Jaxx wallet to provide adequate security features.

There have been some of the setbacks which are experienced while using the Jaxx wallet. This has left many clients to worry about the safety of their own wallet.

Cons which you have to tackle for safety while using the Jaxx are:


In Short from the article Jaxx Wallet Review, you can assume that it is quite a good wallet to use. But you might have to remain vigilant for security reasons.

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