kraken vs coinbase

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Kraken vs Coinbase

Ever Stuck which Exchange is better Kraken vs Coinbase They are one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Both assist the users and investors in various cryptocurrencies exchange around the world. In most of the factor Kraken and Coinbase supply exchange service for converting Bitcoin for USD and altcoin like ETH.


Kraken vs Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange. It came into existence in the year 2011 and was founded by Payward. Kraken provides assistance to cryptocurrency users and investors of various European countries, Japan, Canada, and the United States. It also provides services to exchange commodity money to the cryptocurrency.

The main aim of Kraken is to provide the widest range of cryptocurrencies to the users.

Kraken is very much secured in terms of security as compared to any other cryptocurrency exchange. Kraken offers high transaction limits, deep liquidity accounting etc. One of the most important features of Kraken is as follows:

Leveraged Trading:

Leveraged trading offers users to make more money on Kraken. It allows users to trade with more money than they actually deposited. For example, If someone is $75 worth depositing in Bitcoin into Kraken and you are trading with 3:1 leverage this means you can purchase $150 worth of Bitcoin. This helps users up to a great extent in making more money when cryptocurrency price rises.

A Short Position:

This allows users to short cryptocurrencies which means If someone short $3000 Bitcoin and prices drop down to $2000, then he/she can buy it back to $2000, this would help him to get the profit of $1,000.  This feature has its own drawback as well as If the prices rise instead of going down this would lead him to lose all of his money.


It is considered the largest Bitcoin exchange in the whole world. Coinbase was set up in the year 2012 by Fred Ehsram and Brian Armstrong. It is currently available in more than 30 countries. In terms of security, Coinbase is safest exchange in the world. Coinbase offers a simple user interface and various payment options to the bank transfer user credit card user etc. The main aim of Coinbase is to simplify the purchase of cryptocurrency by eliminating a lot of negative aspects found in the exchange.

Comparison between Kraken vs Coinbase on different parameters

Easy to use: If someone is looking to start trading as a beginner in Kraken it will be tough for them as Kraken consist lots of features which is quite feasible for the individual who is in trading from a long time. On the other hand, trading on coinbase is easy once you have gone through the verification process.

Customer Support: On the basis of customer support Coinbase provide customer service through email. Coinbase responds within 24-48 hours to the customers while Kraken is good in responding to the customer but in recent times there are a lot of complaints from the users about its customer service

On the basis of safety: In this particular aspect Kraken offers comparatively better protection feature such as 2-way authentication method, on the other hand, Coinbase offers feature pretty much similar to Kraken but it cannot beat Kraken in terms of security.

Trust: If we compare Kraken vs Coinbase On the base of trust aspect Kraken is a very much trustworthy brand but Coinbase enjoys a higher reputation among cryptocurrency users and investors

Conclusion On Kraken vs Coinbase :

After reading so much about Kraken and Coinbase one thing is very clear that both provides better facilities and services, and one can choose any of them according to their needs. But still, if someone wants to save fees and can counter technicalities then he should go with Kraken.


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