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MinerGate Review

Mining can be a hard process to start with the requirement of hardware and coding expertise. One of the mining platforms which can be helpful is MinerGate. So we are going to give MinerGate Review and decide if it is worth it to use or not.


Before we start discussing its credibility we must know about it.

MinerGate is a platform for mining as well as GUI pool. It was established by some crypto enthusiast in March 2014.

There are two types of mining services that are provided by the MinerGate:

  • Merged mining – In this, you can mine two cryptocurrencies without any difficulty or decrease in the cash rate.
  • Smart mining – This is a smart way of mining which can help you mine the profitable crypto coins with the help of smart algorithms.

There are various cryptocurrencies which are mined on this platform. The user has to download a GUI or a miner console. There is also a facility for renting the hash rate for bitcoin mining.

It has users all around the world (over 750,000) in countries like the United States, Vietnam, Ukraine, Brazil, and Russia.

Available Cryptocurrencies

There is a huge range of cryptocurrencies which are available on the platform. Some of the examples are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Aeoncoin
  • DigitalNote
  • Ethereum
  • Bytecoin
  • Dashcoin and many others


There are some complaints regarding the verification procedure done by the MinerGate. As the user is not able to log in their account. This is mainly because the users do not have the verification code while logging in their accounts.

You have to keep in mind that the user must verify his email id while registering on the MinerGate. When you submit your email id you will receive a mail with a link. Click on that link and verify your account.

There is a 2FA feature which should be enabled by you to strengthen the security of your account.

Fee structure

MinerGate usually charges 1.5% of fees for the PPS (pay per share) payments and for PPLNS (pay per N share) you have to pay 1% of the payment. It can also vary for some currencies.

Special Features

There is a number of features which are offered by the MinerGate like:

  • Smart mining – In this, an algorithm finds the currency to be mined to get the maximum profit. This could act as a guide for you in deciding the cryptocurrency to mine. If you do not want it then you can simply turn it off.
  • Hardware intensity – You can choose the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) or CPU (Central Processing Unit). There is no need for you to worry about electricity or heat as it will manage by itself.
  • Web-mining – There is no necessity for you to download the GUI miner console to mine coins. You can mine cryptocurrencies directly on the site.


From the above article MinerGate Review, we can conclude some points.

MinerGate can be considered as one of the best sites which are providing the services that no other platform provides. With more security than the other websites.

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