Next Coin On Coinbase

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Next Coin On Coinbase

Next Coin On Coinbase – with the ever-increasing popularity of the coinbase and cryptocurrencies. Everyone wants to know what next on the coinbase. What tool or cryptocurrency it is going to introduce. Today we are going to discuss the next coins that can end up on the coinbase.

Next Coin On Coinbase

As the coinbase is expanding rapidly and providing the services all around the world. Different cryptocurrencies are interested to join the venture with coinbase and it is also showing interest in them.

Even though there is no guarantee, the list we are sharing will definitely end up on coinbase. But
some of the coins that you can expect on the coinbase are:

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar is a value exchange developed by using blockchain technology on open-source protocol. Lumens are the stellar network's native assets.

Despite continues down of the market stellar has maintained its position due to this reason only. Coinbase is monitoring the Stellar since it has shown its interest to add 5 digital currencies on their platform. Even though from those 5 only 2 have been able to land on the platform that is Ox, Basic Attention Token.

In addition to that XLM is the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization which is much higher than the other currencies. There are rumors that the computer giant IBM and social networking platform Facebook are also using it.

Ripple (XRP)

Coinbase is also showing interest in the ripple (XRP). This has created the hype among the supporters of the ripple (XRP). But there are some problems between the ripple labs and ripple (XRP) which is causing the delay.

The moment this issue is resolved between the ripple labs and ripple (XRP), Ripple (XRP) is the next coin on coinbase.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is another cryptocurrency which cand end up to be next coin on the coinbase. If this happens then the price of the Cardano will be skyrocketed within no time. If this happens then it can give stability to the price of the Cardano.


These are the few coins you can expect to come on coinbase in 2019. So the answer to the thought you have been having about the Next Coin On Coinbase are these coins.

If you are looking to earn some profit then you should invest in these cryptocurrencies.

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