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Ripple is the cryptocurrency which is gaining the popularity and the price at the same time. This is the reason for keeping it safe from others is one of the important processes. For that, there are many options one of them is the Rippex wallet. This wallet has attracted the investors a lot, so now we are going to get the Rippex wallet review and then decide if it is good or not.

Rippex Wallet Review

Rippex is the wallet which can provide you the best service to the people who are interested in investing in the ripple. So what kind of service it can provide and how it is beneficial for the user? Here are some of those points which will help you understand it.

Wallet Support

In the initial stages, Rippex uses to support a particular type of wallet known as the gateway, but it is closed for some time now. You must know that Gatehub wallet was not associated with the Rippex but was among the many ripple wallets equally supported by the Rippex.


Rippex can be a compatible wallet if the user installs it with the right steps. There are some wallets which can store the XRP coins. But Rippex plays an important role in this. As it is the only way through which you can transfer the coins which are issued by the Rippex.

Storing the currency in Rippex

The most important thing is that you have to keep some amount of Ripple coins in the wallet all the time. The minimal requirement for this is at least 20 XRP. The Ripple stored in the Gatehub wallet was considered to be one of the safest but since its closure, investors have moved toward other wallets. The factor that has promoted the Rippex the most is the ease of use.

Fees Charged

Rippex application charges a very low fee when it comes to the sending out of the coin from the wallet. You can easily buy the ripple from the fiat currency but you will be Rippex Ripple wallet to store them.

However, it is essential to note that unlike free Bitcoin wallet Ripple are purchased with 20XRP. If you are buying the 500 XRP or any amount from the first purchase then 20 XRP will be cut automatically from the Rippex Ripple wallet.


Rippex is one of the safest applications as the owner is the one who is controlling through the encryption and password.

In the year 2018, Rippex wallet was incorporated into an international payment system. This is good news for the users. There is a trust regarding the Rippex among the community for the services it provides. The security provided by them is one of the reasons Ripple has become one of the famous and successful cryptocurrency.

Customer Support

The only problem with the Rippex is the customer support provided by them. The site believes to pass the information but not receiving it.


So we can say from the Rippex wallet review that it is one of the best inventions for the storage and trade of Ripple. The reason behind that can be the ease to use and security provided by them. If you are interested in it then you should follow the proper instructions of using it and trade easily.

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