Should I Buy Bitcoin Now

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Should I Buy Bitcoin Now

The decision of whether should I buy Bitcoin now or not is a matter of consideration. With increasingly
positive voices that are coming out in favor of Bitcoin, it remains to be evaluated whether it will rise in
value until the end of the year or whether it will stay around this level.

In the last couple of weeks or months, many cryptocurrencies have consistently risen after a steep
decline or many ups and downs. This is why investors are turning bullish to trade in cryptocurrencies
and also think that it will increase in value further. Many enthusiasts are predicting higher peaks as well
as newer peaks for the crypto-currencies.

To this, we must inform that we are not the financial advisors and this guide should not be taken as
advice that " Should I buy bitcoin now?" or “Should I invest in Bitcoin?”

You have heard about Bitcoin earlier and dismissed it. After observing incredible climb, you realized that
you should buy it and make money in the future or you should have bought it and today you would have
been a rich person. This is called FOMO, the “Fear of Missing Out” and you are not the only person
struck by this.

There is a saying to this, " Buy at the dip and sell at peak" If you want to earn the money. If you are worrying that “Should I buy bitcoin now or not?” You need to understand that there is no way to observe a dip until the prices start climbing again.

What does it mean to invest in Bitcoin?

In order to answer your most frequently asked question that “Should I buy Bitcoin now?” the first thing
to this answer is that what do you mean when you say you want to invest in Bitcoin. Do you want to buy
the currency in this hope that it will appreciate or rise in its value? Are you thinking of investing in
Bitcoin-related companies? There are some terms that are needs to understand.

Buying and Holding

The most common thing of investing in Bitcoin is buying the coin in hopes that it will appreciate in its
value, known as “Holding”. If this is the case you should decide for yourself that is it a good time to buy
now, Should I buy Bitcoin now? By deciding that, this is a good time to buy Bitcoin.

The important thing is that do not take anyone’s advice seriously about what will happen with the
currency. You need to do your own homework, learn about Bitcoin’s market and come to a conclusion.

A few points to buying and holding bitcoins are:

  • Do not invest more than you are willing and able to lose- Bitcoins considered very risky
    investment and it should be kept in mind.
  •  After buying Bitcoin currency to need to make sure that you move it to your own personal wallet
    and do not leave those coins at the exchange. Use a hardware wallet to store your Bitcoins or
    you can try paper wallet in case you cannot afford it.
  • Always make sure of buying the coins from the exchanges that have proven their reputation.
  • To need to buy Bitcoins through Dollar cost averaging- means you do not need to buy the
    Bitcoin in one trade but buy it in a fixed number every month, week or even day throughout

When is the Best Time to Invest in Bitcoin

Now you have a clear idea of the kinds of strategies you can adapt. The next question is to consider
when to enter the market. This question can be easily answered. Buy Bitcoin when it is priced lower
than its average past performance. Many sites offer “moving average chart” that will show the perfect
entry and exit points in the market.

Bitcoin Price Prediction in 2018-19

The year 2019 could be proved bullish for Bitcoin, as by then Bitcoin adaptability will be more as more
people will start buying and believing the technology used in Bitcoin named Blockchain. There is a
prediction that Bitcoin will reach up to $20,000 by the mid of 2019. The more the trading will be done,
the more will be the price of Bitcoin. In addition to it, out of 21 million Bitcoins those were mined
initially, only 4 million is left to be mined and it will make its value more.

So Should I buy Bitcoin Now?

By now you can see that the answer is not that simple. It is not just a matter that “Should I buy Bitcoin
now?” But it is also a matter of how to invest. It is advisable that start by educating yourself about the
market trend of crypto-currencies. Learn what affects it. What are the advantages and
After you feel that you have gained some basic education, you should implement it by starting with little
investment, so enjoy being an investor in the cryptocurrency’s world.

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