What Is Bitcoin Mining?

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Bitcoin is something which needs no introduction. Everyone is interested in buying bitcoin. But the word you might not be fully aware of is bitcoin mining. So, What Is Bitcoin Mining?

There are various options from where you can buy bitcoin. One option that can be an easy and cheap way for you to have it is bitcoin mining.

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

To get the answer for this question you have to know about little more about the bitcoin. As this is the very reason for the existence of it. You might be thinking what is so important about it and why it is necessary. There are some questions regarding the legality of Bitcoin as well.

Bitcoin Mining

Digital currency is different than the real world or fiat currency. This is because fiat currency is printed whereas the cryptocurrency is created by using the algorithms. This process of creating the cryptocurrency is called mining. In bitcoin case, it is called bitcoin mining.


The very question that is required to be answered is why we need bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin works on the process called public ledger system. In this, all the transactions done by the user are coded. This helps in avoiding the use of one bitcoin again by the same user or buyer.

For doing these miners also get a reward in the form of the bitcoin. But doing this can be as dangerous as for you. This is because if it is not done properly then there is a chance that you will end up paying the bills for electricity, strong network, and powerful cooling connection.


Mining doesn’t mean that you have to dig holes physically to find the bitcoin. It is the process in which you have to use complex algorithms which have their own perspective and recovery.

There are various software’s which are used to mine the bitcoin. You can use multiple or single, software which helps in compiling the blocks of bitcoin. The validity of this work is done by calculating the “proof of work” which covers all the data of the blocks. The complexity of the block is very high that is 2256. This type of complexity is very high and does take time to solve.

There is no guarantee though the work you are doing to mine the bitcoin will be fruitful. As there is a chance that you might end up generating the wrong integer.

Future of mining

Due to the process being difficult and time-consuming people are afraid of entering the mining industry. But the reward they are getting for mining is very attractive which makes them enter it.

The problem they face is the cost of mining. This is because mining takes a lot of electricity and expensive hardware. But the reward they are getting is 12.5 bitcoins in 2018. This reward will keep on decreasing as the time and numbers of bitcoins are mined.


If you have knowledge about the coding and want to earn the cash by using an easy way then bitcoin mining is your thing. But the only problem is the amount of investment you to do to start it.

So stop asking the question What Is Bitcoin Mining? And start doing it.

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