What Is Next Bitcoin

With the high rate of the bitcoin people might want to invest in the cryptocurrency which can boost like it. So the question arises “What Is Next Bitcoin?” There is a continuous increase in the number of cryptocurrencies that are coming to the market. Any of them can be the next bitcoin and we are going to discuss some of them in this article.

What Is Next Bitcoin?

Since the origin of the bitcoin, there is a continuous increase in the number of cryptocurrencies. There can be the number of reasons behind that. But one of them is the popularity and the rise in the price.

This is the reason people started looking out for the options that can be the next bitcoin. Here are some of the coins you can expect to be coming up:


Litecoin is considered to be the original altcoins which came into the market in 2011. There are various reason for the popularity of the litecoin. Some of them are discussed below:

  • It is the first spin-off of bitcoin with similar technical parameters
  • Litecoin is four times faster than the bitcoin. This can be considered as a huge deal when it comes to the hash rate and transaction speeds.

These reasons might not feel big enough but when it comes to the main game it can be a game changer. If you are interested in investing in the litecoin you should analyze the market as well. As it is no different than the other cryptocurrency when it comes to the volatility.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is the company which started the manufacturing of the coin name XRP. But people kept on calling it ripple so the name stayed.

Ripple (Bitcoin Killer) is the only currency on this list which is centralized means it is controlled by the single company. If there is a need for the change in the currency then the only ripple can do it. No other party will be able to interfere in the process.

Here are some of the reasons which make it the next one in the coming future.

  • Ripple is designed in a way which makes it much faster in the transaction at the cheaper rate. This makes it the currency which can be used on the daily basis.
  • The main focus of the ripple is quite different than other cryptocurrencies. Its focus was to be used by the banks- this is the reason it is able to avoid all the regulation which other cryptocurrency had to go through.
  • Another reason for it being popular is it having the minimum price benchmark and can be changed in any currency you want to change it.
  • It has huge mobility which is the reason it came to the second position in the market cap.

These are the reasons which make the Ripple a tough contender for it being the next bitcoin.


Ethereum is the second most popular currency after the bitcoin. If you ask anyone who has a little knowledge about the cryptocurrency for the next coin after it then Ethereum will be the answer.

The main reason for this popularity is that the Ethereum is a whole ledger of technology rather than like bitcoin which is just a cryptocurrency.


These are the currencies which can be the answer to the question “What Is Next Bitcoin?”. If you are thinking of investing in any of the currency than you should keep in mind that all these currencies are volatile and can cost you money if not done properly.

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