Xapo Vs Coinbase

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Xapo and Coinbase are the popular platforms for the exchange and the wallets. So Xapo Vs Coinbase which one you should use or which one is better. For this, we are going to discuss the various points which will help you decide which one is better.

Xapo Vs Coinbase

Both the exchanges are providing the services at their level best. Here are some of the points which will be helpful for you to decide the exchange you should decide to use:

Buying Option

When you are buying the currency on the exchange you need different options to buy it. On the Coinbase you will be getting the option of buying the bitcoin and other currencies using the credit card.

But in the Xapo you will not be getting the options like this as it only deals in the bitcoin. So you can buy the bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency with the help of the bitcoins only. So you can say that this point goes to the Coinbase as it is providing more options to buy the currency.


If you are thinking of using any of them as your wallet then it can be a wrong decision. As none of them provide the best services in the field. It will be better to go for the other option but if you have to select from them only you must go for the Coinbase.

Coinbase support system is much better in comparison of the Xapo and is more established in comparison to the Xapo exchange.

Fee structure

When you will be trading the cryptocurrency on any of the platforms you have to pay the transaction fees. These two are no exception. But they have low in comparison to the others.

In a comparison of the two, the fee structure of the Coinbase can be considered medium whereas of Xapo it is low/medium. If we have to choose the exchange on the basis of the fee structure then you should choose the Xapo.


When it comes to the digital world security is one of the most important parts. As we are trading the money here the security should be great and this is provided by both the company. Both the exchange provides the facility of two-factor authentication proves that they take the concern of security seriously.

But Xapo takes the matter of security more seriously in comparison of the Coinbase. As it continuously keeps on pushing the industry security method.

Available Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to the options available for the cryptocurrencies on the websites then Coinbase is the clear winner. As in Coinbase, you have options like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum Services.

Whereas on the Xapo you have the only option of bitcoin to buy or sell. This can be frustrating for the person who wants to expand his or her cryptocurrency collection.


From the above article Xapo Vs Coinbase we can conclude that the Coinbase can be the better option for the trading of the cryptocurrencies. But you can go for the option of Xapo also if you are looking for the cheap way of buying the bitcoin.

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